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A Buddhist conlang idea

So a big idea in Buddhism is that you can analyze anything but break it down into parts in a way that you cannot say, ah ha! This is the Toyota! Instead you just get a pile of car parts … Continue reading

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So it appears the main barrier between me and Russian fluency is…

that I haven’t been told that google translate is a somewhat unreliable translation. I’ve posted a few question on the Russian StackExchange. I get two things– pretty good answers from experts and cheap potshots from the commenters. The experts sound … Continue reading

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Someone said, “3 people are fluent in toki pona” What does that even mean? It means squat. The gold standard of fluency is native fluency, which kids get for free. It is not so free that a language learned as … Continue reading

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Syntax Coloring and Highlighting and Autocompletion

I wish there was syntax highlighting for English. When it is there, you see errors faster. I like autocompletion too, where you type a word and get a list of possible next words, sort of like what cell phone keyboard … Continue reading

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An unimplemented idea for conlang phonotactics

Phonotactics- the recipes for building new words. So someone created a fake language. But they died, or got a real job or otherwise abandoned it. How to move it forward if they didn’t document the phonotactics? There are many word … Continue reading

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Kickstarter and fake langauges

Finishing a conlang is a lot of work. So can fans provide an incentive to new language creators to finish it, say by pledging $ in return for a variety of prizes to be given to the fans? Possible rewards: … Continue reading

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Bresenish. It should work like a programming language

So I’m continuing to think about the syntax of bresenish, but in the back ground I’m reading a lot about programing languages. I’m thinking that there should be a way to speak a programming language. Except it would execute in … Continue reading

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Bresenish. This is That.

So another post on a language I’ve provisionally called Bresenish. The goal is to creates something inspired by set theory and computer programming languages. So one book I read said language is kind of like describing a stage where a … Continue reading

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The Sound of Spoken Dothraki is the Sound of 1000 Dying Metaphors

Sorry, I just thought that would be a nice title. I subscribe to Pinker’s idea that those pretty metaphors in our language (MONEY IS WATER) are by and large dead metaphors since the context where they were made passed long … Continue reading

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Baby’s First Language

So, some things my baby likes to say (he’s 2 months old, so according to most charts he’s not supposed to express any communicative skills for 2 more months). At about 3 weeks he said “no, ba-gwa, no, ba-gwa, no” … Continue reading

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Orphaned projects in the world of toki pona, aka conlanging (err..conlexing when you aren’t the inventor)

This is about conlexing, not conlanging. In a conlex (article on definition forthcoming), there is a community of users and they don’t take well to deep reforms that you might see in independent conlanging or collaborative conlanging. In a collaborative … Continue reading

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A very, very verbose Tower of Babel conlex implemented in JavaScript

This is my conlex called “Bresenish”. It’s set inspired. The idea is to do for programming data structures what lojban did for propositional logic. I tried this with C# and that was pretty verbose. JS is just as verbose but … Continue reading

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toki pona and Orwell’s NewSpeak

Wikipedia has for a long time said this nonsense: This goal, together with Toki Pona’s deliberately restricted vocabulary, has led some to feel that the language, whose name literally means “simple language”, “good language”, or “goodspeak”, resembles George Orwell’s fictional … Continue reading

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Toddler conlangs- aka idiolects, plans to teach toki pona to baby

I read about this a long time ago- the story was that twins would speak to each other in their own language. But while reading Baby Brain Rules (which happens to be on sale on amazon, cheap $3) the author … Continue reading

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How not to put philosophy into a language

This is a follow up to my last post, “Conlangs for expressing a philosophy“. I suppose one can use any vessel for expressing a philosophy you’d like, a prose book, fortune cookies, songs, or even a refrigerator manual or a … Continue reading

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