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Conlex- Here is what I hope it means

Conlex– a sort of activity for people creating new (or reviving dead/nearly dead) languages by actually speaking them into existence. It entails create a language, especially the materials necessary for learners and then doing what it takes to get a … Continue reading



Someone said, “3 people are fluent in toki pona” What does that even mean? It means squat. The gold standard of fluency is native fluency, which kids get for free. It is not so free that a language learned as … Continue reading

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The Most Viable Conlang Communities as of 2013

Update: This is an article about con-paroles, languages that are used as languages. This caused a bit of confusion. If I missed any communities, just leave a comment, I know that some of the ones in Europe are active, but … Continue reading


Why learn a conlang, a dead language or otherwise rare language

I just read this article, Why you Should Learn a Language and noticed that those are reasons to learn lingua francas, ie. languages spoken by a lot of native speakers or that are routinely used by people as a 2nd … Continue reading


Notes on vocabulary

Refinements to Gold List Vocab List, Day 4. The gold list is a pen & paper vocabulary memorization technique. You write a list of words from a dictionary, read them aloud, repeat after an interval, mark off those that you … Continue reading

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First, we memorize a heap of words-Paper and Pencil Techniques

This is the first step of joining a conlang community and an early stage step in designing a language. You can’t really design a language unless you gain some proficiency in it. I’ve been putting off learning all the stems … Continue reading

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