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The 5 Word Langage

Finally, I sort of have the time to do a quick review of the 5 word language. I’m a big fan of small languages (as in small vocab, small numbers of rules, small number of morphemes) This is really, 5 … Continue reading

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Someone said, “3 people are fluent in toki pona” What does that even mean? It means squat. The gold standard of fluency is native fluency, which kids get for free. It is not so free that a language learned as … Continue reading

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Conlangs and a priori auxlangs

So recently I became aware of Kah, an apriori, new language. An unfairly brief review of the language makes me think this is designed based on a creole, with serial verbs and the like and seems to have some optimizations … Continue reading

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Barsoomian- Will it be a simple conlang?

The first clues about Paul Frommer’s Baroomian are out. He mentioned that the language was going to be simple so that a hypothetical American on Mars could learn it as fast as the novel implies he could learn it. Easy … Continue reading

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A review of Icelandic as if it were a constructed language

I like Icelandic. This is a joke. I’m using this methodology to evaluate a language as if, it were written from scratch by someone a long time ago. Degree of Artificiality Naturalness. This is just beyond belief.  This language suddenly appeared … Continue reading

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This is the conlang question help desk. Can I direct your question?

Question are different from discussions. Questions have answers. They solve a problem for you. Once your problem is solved, you are expected to move on with life. Questions are objective. Stackexchange, Quora, Shapado (and some others) encourage questions and answers. … Continue reading

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Top Ten Conlangs According to Me

The criteria are all about the state of fandom. Is a language (and it’s community) fan friendly, has some competent users, is the language actually complete enough to be usable by an enthusiastic fan, is it active *right now* toki … Continue reading

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Fictional Linguistics vs Linguistics of Constructed Languages

I’ve been watching disagreements on the web on various conlang issues. I think there is a big misunderstanding (and maybe unavoidable one) between people discussing linguistics in a fictional world, versus discussing the linguistics of a constructed language. In a … Continue reading

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Is there any point in learning a dead or artificial language?

This question is taken from my google referrer log. Why does anyone study any language? The languages on the shelf at the book store are uniformly lingua franca’s, i.e. languages that may have large populations that speak it as a … Continue reading

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Secret languages and amateur linguistics

I wrote a post somewhere about personal conlangs, i.e. conlangs that are intended to be used and used by only one person. Thanks to a comment (albeit from a very angry elf), I started thinking about something not so different, … Continue reading

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Conlangs are 4th languages

The typical person who learns a constructed language is probably on their 4th language.  I’ve no data to back this up, but here’s why I think so: Everyone speaks their mother tongue. Most everyone takes a foreign language as an … Continue reading

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