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Conlang Ideas For November

I’m publicly posting my notes for my November conlang, which will be called the November conlang until I have a more appropriate name. Let’s hope that doing this in public will help me actually finish before December 1st. Icelandic phonotactics. … Continue reading


Derailing Language (re)vival

I cant see how any of the following attitudes could help language revival of dead and moribund languages. I think all the following also applies to conlangs that want to have a speaking community. [Small, threatened languages that are still … Continue reading

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The endlang conlang

By combining the ideas of endangered languages and constructed languages, I’m sure some people instantly get a bunch of ideas in their head. Maybe visions of discouraging Navajo in favor of Esperanto, or the most common, “people who are studying … Continue reading

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What makes an apriori language easy?

What is easy? There are few levels to what is easy. Is it easy to create the language, is it easy for the creator to learn the language, is it easy for some particular audience to learn the language, with … Continue reading

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The Connection Between Conlangs and Endangered Languages

Is there a link? Yes. Is there a continuum between a conlang and an Endangered language? Yes. Yes. Who should learn these languages? The descendant or any random language hobbyist?Anyone, regardless to background. Language revival requires talented hobbyists to be … Continue reading

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