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Ways inflecting languages *could* turn into isolating languages

Some of these are inspired by the answers to question I asked on the conlang mailing list: * Erosion (and all other forms mutation) of causes endings to drop off or for inflections to become identical to others. * Inflected … Continue reading

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Creative Commons non-ND content for corpus building

If nothing exciting was written in Greek or Latin, neither would have become very popular second languages in medieval Europe. A good way to kick start your language is to translate good material into your conlang. Public domain is a … Continue reading

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Should Conlang Creators be Superstars?

I was researching how many wikipedia articles exist for both a conlang creator and the conlang. (see end of article for list) It is uncommon for a conlang to become notable. It is uncommon for people to become notable. Lots … Continue reading

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30 Day Conlang End of Month Wrap Up- We need more tools

As usual I didn’t actually move the project forward most days of the month. In the time gaps I had, I could generate phonetic inventory, phonotactics, a dictionary, but not a grammar. I also wasn’t able to memorize the 500 … Continue reading

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