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Animal Conlangs

The British are afraid of genetic engineering allowing monkeys to speak. (Just wait until they find out about all the little talking Great Apes in Britain that the scientists have been secretly creating in their bedrooms)  SF writers are using … Continue reading

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Culture is not normally embedded in language like a paracite

While I enjoy putting on my viking hat and woolly sweater, getting out the skyr an playing some Sykur while I’m studying Icelandic– Icelandic would still be Icelandic without all of that cultural stuff.  For every charismatic word that says … Continue reading

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Conlang Flash Card Heaven

I’ve recently discovered digital, time spaced, flashcards. I like Anki, but other similar ones exist. So now I have a lot of opinions about a conlanger’s flashcard strategy.  I think this is the number one nice thing that a conlanger … Continue reading

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Why you should buy a copy of Frédéric Werst’s “Ward”

I haven’t finished reading the book myself. It is bilingual French-Wardesan. Having put some thought into the matter, I’m currently believe that you can’t properly review a language without acquiring some competency in it. So it could take years before … Continue reading

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How do I say my name in ….

This is probably the first question I have when ever I get more than a mild interest in a constructed language. Surprisingly, this often is poorly documented and there is usually a tedious discussion about the merits of picking a … Continue reading

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When should a conlang community switch from English?

When a conlang is brand new, there is no choice in the matter– development and tutoring must occur in English (or what ever you and your audience’s language is). To attempt to use your conlang from the onset as the … Continue reading

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Why Na’vi and Klingon are doing so well despite the concultures

The vast majority of activity for Na’vi is on the website, especially the forums. The community, similar to Klingon’s current main forum, is about 80% monolingual fandom and 20% fandom that has invested time into learning the language. The … Continue reading

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A review of Icelandic as if it were a constructed language

I like Icelandic. This is a joke. I’m using this methodology to evaluate a language as if, it were written from scratch by someone a long time ago. Degree of Artificiality Naturalness. This is just beyond belief.  This language suddenly appeared … Continue reading

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Why learn a conlang, a dead language or otherwise rare language

I just read this article, Why you Should Learn a Language and noticed that those are reasons to learn lingua francas, ie. languages spoken by a lot of native speakers or that are routinely used by people as a 2nd … Continue reading

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Conlang Evaluation- The short list

This is a condensation of Sai’s article on Conlang Evaluation, minus the geek code stuff. (Update: Sai wrote a later article that express the same thing more clearly)  Everything seems to fall roughly into seven categories. 1 How artificial or … Continue reading

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Notes on vocabulary

Refinements to Gold List Vocab List, Day 4. The gold list is a pen & paper vocabulary memorization technique. You write a list of words from a dictionary, read them aloud, repeat after an interval, mark off those that you … Continue reading

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First, we memorize a heap of words-Paper and Pencil Techniques

This is the first step of joining a conlang community and an early stage step in designing a language. You can’t really design a language unless you gain some proficiency in it. I’ve been putting off learning all the stems … Continue reading

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Refining a recipe for a lexicon

I was trying to assign thematic categories to all the words in Klingon to see if that would help memorize them– i.e. by memorizing a set of related words instead of a random jumble. One rapidly notices that there are … Continue reading

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