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Conlangs, Identity and Motivation

Someone asked me what the heck “identity” is and I couldn’t describe it very well. Your identity are all the things that you do that you do because of who you think you are. I’m a middle class American, so … Continue reading

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Creoles, Pidgins and Conlangs

In Derek Bickerton’s book Bastard Tongues, he describes a thwarted plan to essentially do collaborative, naturalistic* conlanging for the good of science. A couple of subsistence farmers from radically different linguistic backgrounds would be put on a uninhabited island for … Continue reading

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Kelen, aka Kēlen

20 searches for “Kelen Forum” ended up at my blog. This actually could be as few as one or two people. In case you are wondering, Sylvia says she’ll take question and the like at her blog. Jim Henry reports … Continue reading

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