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30 Day Conlang Month Starts Tomorrow

Follow the #30DayConlang hashtag on twitter. This obviously is inspired by NaNoWriMo, which is the “write-a-50,000-word-novel-in-November” event. This is not to be confused with LoCoWriMo, which is “write a novel in your already complete conlang”. LoCoWriMo, for me, is putting … Continue reading

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2011 30 Day Conlang month soon, t-minus days.

Every year I remember that I should be writing and completing a conlang about November because of Nanowrimo month. I wouldn’t write a novel in a conlang, and I’m not really a competent writer, so I wouldn’t write a novel … Continue reading

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Sound change applications uses for those who don’t care about diachronics.

I generally am not interested in conlangs that come with diachronic versions–i.e. hypothetical versions where plausible or otherwise changes mutate the words from one pronunciation to another. A crude version of what plausible is, is a rule like “The sounds … Continue reading

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Singletons- A Category of Conlang in Search of a Better Name

A singleton, is a conlang that may have been created for whatever purpose, but happens to be suitable for someone else, maybe for the intended purpose, maybe for something else and it hasn’t been discovered by anyone yet. Hence the … Continue reading

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