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In praise of the relex and how to make a better one

Anyhow, I read this article on how to create a language in one day and really it is about machine generated relexes. And that isn’t a bad thing, it has a legitimate purpose. From reading the article it seems there … Continue reading

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30 day Conlang “things”

So I’m 18/30th of the way through a conlang in 30 days and I’m realizing that, unlike a novel, there are many ways to engage with fake languages for a month. – Things that appeal to people creating fake languages … Continue reading

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30 Day Conlang- Time to stop f*ing around and start screwing around

So, back to the fundamental idea– writing a language in thirty days. All you have to do is image what a complete language definition is and then divide by thirty. So I solicit some advice on the Conlang mailing list … Continue reading

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Day 14 of 30 day conlang

No progress, but I have an idea. A nonconfigurational language (a bag of unordered words) based on existing data structures as found in C#. The language would have an instant parser. The text could be fed into a special page … Continue reading

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Pictish- Missed opportunties for movie conlangs

Pictish is a dead language. It was probably yet another Celtic language, but we don’t have enough information to rule out anyone’s pet theory. It is a remnant language that lives on in a few possible given names, place names … Continue reading

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30DayConlang – Day 8

Since I’m making remarkable little progress, I decided to work on defining my goal, the thing that tells me, “Yes, you wrote a language and you wrote it in 30 days.” And if I could make that goal quantifiable, so … Continue reading

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30DayConglang – Day 1

I spent the day reading about monkeys because I was too tired to do much else. Since I said I was going to do some conlanging everyday, so here I am. Despite being lazy, I’m like two weeks ahead of … Continue reading

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