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Bresenish Syntax- A set theory inspired syntax

So I’m working on a new small language, which for the moment is called Bresenish. Here is a rough description of the syntax, hopefully it will be worth reading about even if you don’t care to learn the full language … Continue reading

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Taking time off from toki pona

A long while ago I got excited about a new language called toki pona. It had already been created and there was even a small community of fans and some national press. I joined the rabble not as a conlanger, … Continue reading

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Conlang Taxonomy Part n+1

The current most common mental model for classifying conlangs is the Gnoli triangle, the idea that all fake languages are auxlangs, artlangs, or engelangs, or some combination of the three. If you substitute in Esperanto, Elvish, and Lojban you have … Continue reading

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Dating is a Conlang Creation Methodology

Dating, especially the sort that allows for finding people with very particular special interests, happens to be relevant to conlanging of the sort where you create a language by actually speaking it at home with kids. – OKCupid allows for … Continue reading

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Fetal Conlang

Recent research with fetus’s and newborns show that babies can hear and appear to be processing information even before they are born. This isn’t to say that we as adults can relate to their state of mind, I’m sure it … Continue reading

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