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Content Management for Conlangs

I’m considering my options for posting the evolving definition and learning materials for a small conlang. Plain html. Evolves poorly. Easy to set up for a single document. Wiki Evolves well, but at the end it will look like a … Continue reading

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ASL-Lite for Late Life Hearing Loss?

Here is a study that says mental capacity declines when old people go deaf or become hard of hearing. Having personal experience with the Deaf (well, I took a class taught by someone in the Deaf community), this isn’t happening … Continue reading

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Conlangs for expressing a philosophy

toki pona was supposed to be something about daoism, in my experience, it missed that design goal. I think the historical philosophical languages were supposed to be good for discussing philosophy in general, or approached derivational morphology in sort of … Continue reading

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Forums are cheap, I think I will put one up- Learn Any New Language

English has a lexical gap for a word that covers languages from Esperanto to Klingon to Elvish to Lojban and the numerous others, I’m going to provisionally use “new language”. The word “conlang” more and more seems to mean just … Continue reading

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Solipsist Conlanger = the new Auxlang advocate

Sometime after the internet boom started, auxlang promoters finally had access to the means to send unsolicited messages to people who care about languages but don’t care about the auxlang project and auxlang advocacy became the new body odor, odious … Continue reading

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Conlangs and a priori auxlangs

So recently I became aware of Kah, an apriori, new language. An unfairly brief review of the language makes me think this is designed based on a creole, with serial verbs and the like and seems to have some optimizations … Continue reading

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365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember

So what conlaning methodolgy is most likely to capture the minds and hearts of recreational linguists? One based on portmanteus of month names and chapter headers from your linguistics text books of course. Did I even have to answer that? … Continue reading

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The Most Viable Conlang Communities as of 2013

Update: This is an article about con-paroles, languages that are used as languages. This caused a bit of confusion. If I missed any communities, just leave a comment, I know that some of the ones in Europe are active, but … Continue reading

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