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Orphaned projects in the world of toki pona, aka conlanging (err..conlexing when you aren’t the inventor)

This is about conlexing, not conlanging. In a conlex (article on definition forthcoming), there is a community of users and they don’t take well to deep reforms that you might see in independent conlanging or collaborative conlanging. In a collaborative … Continue reading

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A very, very verbose Tower of Babel conlex implemented in JavaScript

This is my conlex called “Bresenish”. It’s set inspired. The idea is to do for programming data structures what lojban did for propositional logic. I tried this with C# and that was pretty verbose. JS is just as verbose but … Continue reading

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toki pona and Orwell’s NewSpeak

Wikipedia has for a long time said this nonsense: This goal, together with Toki Pona’s deliberately restricted vocabulary, has led some to feel that the language, whose name literally means “simple language”, “good language”, or “goodspeak”, resembles George Orwell’s fictional … Continue reading

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