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Comparatives and languages that “don’t have them”

Some American Indian languages “don’t have” comparatives. All American Indian languages are small community languages (well, were) and those typically are mindbendingly complicated. There are so many mechanisms for expression that some familiar mechanism in European languages might be missing. … Continue reading

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A Buddhist conlang idea

So a big idea in Buddhism is that you can analyze anything but break it down into parts in a way that you cannot say, ah ha! This is the Toyota! Instead you just get a pile of car parts … Continue reading

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So it appears the main barrier between me and Russian fluency is…

that I haven’t been told that google translate is a somewhat unreliable translation. I’ve posted a few question on the Russian StackExchange. I get two things– pretty good answers from experts and cheap potshots from the commenters. The experts sound … Continue reading

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