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Corpus linguistics and little sins

Soooo, this toki pona project of mine. I’m parsing community generated texts. I’ve got incompatible goal. On one hand, I want a parser that will work. So if you type English, it should blow up. But if you type toki … Continue reading

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Edge cases of grammar

These things will make your grammar more complicated, but you can expect them to show up in any community generated corpus, like immediately Onomatopoeia. Fart noises and the like. In English, they get italicized and I’m sure someone has written … Continue reading

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Puctuating toki pona- Community Proposal

toki pona has a few constraints, without which the game of toki pona is rendered silly. Foremost is that there are only about 125 or so morphemes (fairly non-bound). This isn’t as much of a problem and I think tp … Continue reading

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Robot Languages

By the way, it looks like Dothraki has a published spec. Now on to other topics. As someone with the facial expressions of a robot, I’ve always been partial to robots and some of my earliest attempts at programming were … Continue reading

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