30 Day Conlang End of Month Wrap Up- We need more tools

As usual I didn’t actually move the project forward most days of the month. In the time gaps I had, I could generate phonetic inventory, phonotactics, a dictionary, but not a grammar. I also wasn’t able to memorize the 500 words I created. Tasks for which I could readily find tools, moved forward quickly. Everything else stalled. In my opinion, by necessity, a successful 30 day conlang is a mostly machine generated one–or else it is a very partial one.

I wrote a gloss generator for toki pona. This is something, if generalized, would be invaluable for conlang creation. When you aren’t competent in a language, it’s really the glosses that are being understood, both by the audience and the conlang creator.

I also got distracted and create a lorem ipsum generator for toki pona, which if generalized would be an invaluable tool for creating a simple language. My lorem ipsum generator shows the upper bounds for how complex a sentence can really get. Plus, it allows being able to see how the language will sound long before one becomes competent.

The other tool I really need is better dictionary making software. Ideally, a dictionary would generate flashcard software and a searchable dictionary at the same time.

I probably will continue this project as the “conlang generation tools” project. Maybe next November, I’ll be able to complete this conlang.

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