Bresenish: A Draft Small Lang Word List

So I’m working on a new small language, which for the moment is called Bresenish and this is the first iteration of the vocab.

Small languages are
– small in the sense of a small set of morphemes (root words, affixes, etc)
– most or all word classes are closed (except maybe proper nouns or their equivallent)
– are sometimes this way on purpose (toki pona)
– are sometimes this way by accident (Klingon)
– may also be characterized by a grammar with a small number of moving parts
– - the grammar is sometimes explicit (toki pona)
– - or naively omitted, or undersdescribed (many conlangs, Esperanto, any conlang with 4 vague rules for grammar)
– The final result is often easy, but may or may not be easy for everyone, or all L1s.

Anyhow. So I fired up all the tools of conlang and wrote many parts of a small conlang. Here is my draft 1 wordlist. For all I know, I might scrap the whole thing and start again. So don’t memorize it.

This word lists incorporates the following ideas:

- There should be words that are culturally important. And by culturally important, I mean, things I found interesting at the time I wrote the conlang. (Buddhism, Computers, Asatru, Linguistics)
- There should be reserved blank words, that will be filled in in time.
- The phonotactics is mostly Icelandic, anyone can learn to pronounce this by listing to RUV broadcasts from Iceland, which are freely available. This contrasts with certain conlang that use phonotactis for which there is no audio assistance at all.
- Minimal pairs were aggressively removed
- I have not nailed down how agglutinative this will be, nor how polysynthetic this will be. So some of the root words might become affixes and I don’t have the affix (or function word) list completed.
- Some words are intentionally specific, and I plan to add “subtractive” words to make it easy to say stuff like, “it’s like a monkey without fur” to mean “human”, for example.
- And I wanted there to be a real culture to lean on, in this case, the hunter and gatherers of North Europe from about 4000 to 40,000 years ago. When there is a specific culture available to lean on, you can use strategies like “odin’s drink” to mean “mead” instead of a circumlocution about booze made out of the sweet secretions of buzzing insects.
– The language should be usable in the “home domain”, and by domain, I mean the domains where languages are used, home, work, church, on the street, academia. Of these, conlangs really only have a chance of survival as a living tongue in the “home domain”

<strong>word   core_meaning</strong>
ábaung  direct object
ablaupp  please, to ask for
ablék   RESERVED
áblés  to hold in memory
adred drop
adrenk   nose
ægrog   brain
æhrjoþ river
ælent   grapes
ænann   book, magazine, brochure
æsátt  music players
æstom   recipient
æsváþ pickup
áhnæll 5
ájutl   taste
ákjod   stove/microwave
ámjaf   spherical
áseið  underwear
atvepp   ex by separation
augjur   databases
auhraf   pronoun, anaphora
auhveil  strangers
aukal walk, run, etc
aukárn  pigeon
aunjod   jokes
aupil to shine
aveið   to hold, to carry
bæfnd   conical
bæggj   6
baugn smell
baus  bitter
bég  galaxies
bel   remember
bell  anti-pain drugs
bend  to do no harm
beyfnt   anxiety, worry, fear
beypp to execute software
beyst Dharma
bib   1000000
bitt  snow
bjon  modern humans
bjupr solution
bjusl bathe (one's own body)
blað humans and their ancetsors (homonids) and closely related species
blæg milk
blærk   land, region, domain
blæsl   success at small tasks
blætt   to be reliable in social relationships (fidelity)
blarp to grasp
blást   to continually improve
blerð   concrete
bleygn   card games
bleyr suffering
blilp allower
blirl storage area, shelf, closet
bljald   writing
bluk  scale
bok   sons
brærð  temporary fling
brafnt   coffee
brákk   also
brark shaving
braurn   kitchen
bregn state, province, other large subdivision
breinn   infinite
breit skin
bripr desk, cubicle
brold oil
bröst   sisters
dæfnt   grey hair color
ðæþr  pretend
dagn  friend by connection (friend of a friend, also enemies of my enemy)
dapp  world (as in planet or the 9 worlds)
dár  box
darl  blong hair color
ðaurp   100
dép  baby <age 3
dest  could (depending on actions of others)
deyfnd   to teach
deyþ palm
diggj mulitply
dij   local-family
dirp  bullshit (language of dubious value)
djakk to become, to transform
djaþr   seemingly intelligent
djoll forest
djug  wrinkles (of skin)
ðjuj office
dóð probability
dong  legs (up to croch)
dörð   melons, etc.
dot   cooperate
dræf dead (intransitive)
dræpr   trash
drall water
drern piss
dreyv Dynamic
drikk phrase
drjosn   obsolete, no longer used
drjufnd  RESERVED
drolt become a stranger
drung birth
dryrð   careful
dub   music
ebéfnt  salty
éfreill language enthusiast
ehrel red skin (lips, sunburn, etc)
eibrorð agreement for employement
eifljutl noun
eigupr   circumlocution
einotl   prepare food
eiskeig  RESERVED
eispjutt winter (ordinary)
eitig to assemble
ejást   RESERVED
ejub  to moderate, to
érjolt  yawn
espjam   prefer
ésprelp 9
éstaurð   stone tools
estjasl  create
esvell   play
eþrém  meetup, gathering, social event, party
étvuj   Admirable
eybrurk  inflection & other morphological processes
eyhleist evening
eyhráfnt   comics, cartoons, manga
eyhull   to be mentally focused
eytvánk pottery
eyvid sneeze
fák  horn
falk  glass
fáll become family
feif  foods
fen   people I know over the internet
feym  zombie (as in draugur)
feyrp breast
fjoj  problem
fjost sticks
fjuggj   depressants
fláll   enemy by connection (enemy of my friends)
fleynk   triangle
flifnd   tranquillity
flir  south
fljad socially sactioned killing
fljast   cough
fljugn   short haired cat
fogn  apartment
font  number
fræd physical energy
frás cord, rope
fraust   spam
freg  locks
freifnt  time just before sunrise, just before sundown
freirp   true as in mathematically true
friþr   to speak
frjatt   winter, a really long
gærk childhood friends
gast  to gripe
gaunt 10
geifnd   deceive, lie
geirl knife, spoon, fork, spork
geyld sweet
geynk syntax
gjonn rupa (bodily phenomena)
gjorð   horse
gjoþ verb
gjult stepfamily
goll  jump
græl professional acquaintance
gralk life
gránn   reckless
grápr   cloth washing machine
grárð  nibbana (buddhist sense)
grérk   enemies
gréþr  crush/puppy love
gretl space (as in outer space)
greynd   RESERVED
grjall   to point
grjog content, happy
grjont   sentence
grost wood
grýk Exquisite
gurn  unverified people
gyk   could (isn't impossible)
hæð hands to elbow
hærl subtract
hag   picture/photo/painting
hann  to quit
harp  poop
haull estranged spouse
heil  craftsman, maker
heilp withdraw
him   sour
hipr  rain
hirð agreement to live together/marriage
hlan  3
hland to be tactful
hláþ   divide
hles  sparrows
hleyld   derivational/derivational morpheme
hleypp   fathers
hljað   to warp
hlont girl (<14 years)
hlox  2
hnæm horses
hnápp   RESERVED
hnegn to share
hnép creatures with nervous systems
hnjurl   RESERVED
hnoj  monetary success
hrad  to parse
hraufnd  gold, silver, copper
hraupr   semen
hreirð  foster family
hrésn   nick name
hreyll   to be hospitable
hrifnt   contractual relationship
hrjakk   story
hrust to be patient & resolute
hvæþ   unskillful (buddhist sense)
hváþr  claws, fingernails
hvaur to spare, to live sparing others
hveild   proofread
hvesn long haired cat
hveylp   RESERVED
hveys bra
hvipp lore, written history
hvjafnd  to crumple
hvjall   to confuse
hvjofnt  to do nothing (mediate)
hvjotl   winder clothing
hvog  tooth
hvorð   could (but is unlikely)
hvupr hammer
hýt  renounce
íbant   woven cloth
íðépr arms (up to shoulder)
iflaup   plate
igrúrð babble, moan, etc
íhaum   truly intelligent
ijeit word, lexeme, phraseal compound
ikild gift
irautt   half sibling
isau2 sheep
ísjoþr to be equal, to equate
iskeint  bodily energy
iskjoj   penis
isleyrð to fire
ispegn   shoes
íspreytt   answer
isterl   1
jæj  spouse
jæng uncover
jagræð dharma
jajoj pants
jand  hair (on head)
jaþrutl 7
jaufnd   time span
jaug  sweat
jegraub  pipes, plumbing,
jepeiþr shaman, priest, expert in religious affairs
jeprepr  RESERVED
jerépr  bones
jerp  to write code
jesn  address
jespaund planets
jév  vitamins & micronutrients
jafnt fall
juþr wolf
joðuþ  metal tools
jof   heart
johánt  bracelet
jolp  to listen
jubofnd  physically happy (full bell, well rested)
judirk   rise in rank
jugeyrn  computer
jugn  potato
jukeyll  to be compassionate, to feel other's pain
jumátt  stupa, grave mound
juprógn rainbow
kænd the desire
kæs  yeast
kaf   mice
kaulp wives
kefnt testing
kegn  mailing list, forum, etc
kéj  antibiotics
kil   rellow (red and yellow)
kjalk understand
kjant question
kjuld bread
kott  boy (<14 years)
kræld   other edibe sweeteners
krarp rational, thougt out
kraund   funeral
kreill   to perform magic
krérð  tears
krev  spring
kreytl   cheek
krjukk   cyphers, encyrpted messages, codes
krofnd   Dwarf
krúk pale- pink, white- skin color
lant  blanket
lauþ inlaws
leill best friends
leink mend, clean
lepr  farming
lesl  shake
leyð magga (path)
ljurð   black- dark, skin color
lom   giants
lund  west
lupp  frying pans
mæm  mate
mænn trunk of body from elbow to knees
marn  unknown, inexplicable, mystery
máþr   poison
maupr treasure
meggj country
meik  anatta (no-self), selflessness
mén  to be incomplete
méng movies
merl  to steal (property)
meylt east
meyt  to perceive illusions
mjalp ideogram
mofnt reality
mol   library
mukk  eye brows
mutl  sky
mýg  twist
nækk pragmatics
næpr door, window, chimney
nán  pumpkins
násl majority
naþ  to be hard working
naung grue (blue and green)
nérn husbands
netl  fate, future
núp  success in ones love life
nynt  thanks, to show gratitude
nyrk  Invigorating
öflélk disappear
ofosl keys
öfrein  fly, jump
ófus long haired dog
ogeit mid-day
öhaurð summer
óhljopr table
öhnutl  teachers
okjur power (exponential) math
okrérl  floor
oljulp   short haired dog
ömétl  enlightenment
önet to decorate
óparp   necklace
ópriggj 4
óspál  to spell
öspép  lungs
ospráj  suppose
öþrif  table (of data)
ötjuþr card game
ötvéfnd   saliva
övakk   umae (savory)
oveþ the internet
pak   debt
párk chair
pauggj   Metta (buddhist jargon)
pault mix
peirð   neck
peist preventer
pej   ears
pill  morpheme
pjand slang
pjasl telephone
pop   estatic, happy
prásn   brown hair color
praþr   undress
praull   shiny, bright
pritt anger
prjank   Giant
rætt sadness, depression
rautl abstraction
résl fish
reyrk news
rjud  to watch, monitor, examine
ruk   to be in equillibrium, equanimity
rúsn paragraph
sáb  hear
sæk  chicken
sald  pronunciation
saut  accounting
serk  pidgin
sétl 8
sjarp true as in pleasant to believe
sjast farm
skæsn   squash, pumpkins, etc
skas  complete stranger
skell adjective
skeyf tanha (desire & craving)
skjust   heavy
skór assist
skul  fridge/cellar
skypr cockroaches
slæv cave
slárk   city
sleist   bodily pain
sljapp   fingers
sljarl   coat
sljolp   tongues
slokk mental energy
slop  stress
slopr warrior
slorð   cows
slosl phoneme
slúnt   enabler
spal  add
spaunk   red hair color
speipr   suggest
speirð  dandylion
spéld   transpose
spelk praise
spont material
sprafnt  dress
spraukk  silent
spreyn   species, type, sort, variety
spreyrk  sorry, excuse me, etc.
sprif brick
sprjug   lover
sproll   RESERVED
sprutt   RESERVED
stauþr  black hair color
steik eunuch
steirp   grains
stjaf wedding, day of first meeting
stjob carpet
stjug causes
styrk truth
svætl   jhana  (mental aborption)
svaurn   brothers
sveif spouse by arrangement
svel  relaxation
svoll 10000
tab   to see the future
tafnd to waste time
téll square, rhombus
tenn  nama (mental phenomena)
þænt   knees down to feet
þærn   north
þeip to bridge
þræll  tea
þræm   body
þrausn  brow- skin color
þrav to persuade
þreð   demonstrate
þrjalp  date, point in time
þrjuk   wait
þrork   rats
þruggj  symbols (non-phonetic)
þrunk   hostile conversation
þrúst  to create
þull to own (property)
tulk  song
turl  Mudita (sympathetic joy)
tút  physical exercise
tváv hair (elsewhere)
tveill   to be moderate
tvjuþ   socially unscanctioned killing
tvorl to be courageous
úbljal  stars
uboggj   daughters
úbren   moha (delusion)
uðaung  honey
uðofnd  dukkha, stress
ufatt eyes
úhrurð elbow to shoulder
uhvæþ  tomato
úkand   morning
ulærp   wagon, car, cart, bus
upjuggj  grasp
uskjatl  true as in provable by a preponderance of evidence, etc
usvað   0
vægn apartment building
vælt minority
váj  repetition
vang  mouth
vapr  free
vausn touch
vid   Asgard
vjog  racoon
vjurl grass
vúggj   light
vust  night
výtt temporary
ýbrjokk RESERVED
ýfjold  to create
ygrust   to conlang
yhráb   to invert
ýhvjall RESERVED
ýnauf   bed
ýpopr   widow
yreipp   assist
ýréld  Niflheim (after life for those who die peacefully)
ýsænk  to travel on pigrimage
ýsprjab swim, sail, etc
ýsvuld  friends
ytvarl   crow/raven
yvæþr  pour
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