Elevator speech for why this conlang should exist

I’m working on a small language. But the fact that is small isn’t the goal in itself, but a side effect of the fact that no one will try to learn it if it is too large (and it will be frustrating to use if it is too small).

It should solve two practical problems of growing old: preventing Alzheimers and providing a language that can be spoken, written or signed. A small language would be suitable because learning a large language is so cost and time prohibitive, few currently study or successfully learn a second language. ASL Sign language is a large language (a good thing, I like large languages, too), but it would be hard to convince friends and family to learn ASL to talk to me after my hearing is gone. Maybe, just maybe, a conlang could help solve these practical problems.

It should be usable as one’s sole language in a home environment. This isn’t to say that a conlang should be anyone’s sole language, its just a way of setting a standard for a language’ completeness. For example, a home language doesn’t need to have international diplomacy language and jargon, while a lingua franca or auxlang should.

It should be usable in an online context and in the conlang community. So it needs to have the means of discussing things via the internet and have the grammar or the vocabulary necessary to talk about things conlang enthusiast like to talk about. I think any conlang going forward needs an explicit internet strategy if it wants to get past the interesting-draft-grammar-and-world-list phase.

Things that aren’t a goal: international language, discovering the atoms of meaning, supporting a fictional universe, or being able to support clear or un-ambiguous speech. Esperanto, philosophical languages, Klingon, and Lojban already exist, and this language isn’t try to improve on them.

This language will be a sort-of-personal language. I plan for it to be somewhat optimized to the interests and environment of a big city, but not so personal that it would only be of interest to me and my diary.

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