To grow a conlang community, weed your garden

This is the best statement I’ve read about online communities, from the Coding Horror blog:

… It’s an ugly, thankless little thing, but it’s necessary. I scrutinize every comment, and I remove a tiny percentage of them: they might be outright spam, patently off-topic, or just plain mean. I like to refer to this as weeding my web garden. It’s a productivity tax you pay if you want to grow a bumper crop of comments, which, …, often bear such wonderful fruit. The labor can be minimized with improved equipment, but it’s always there in some form. And I’m OK with that. The myriad benefits of a robust comment ecosystem outweighs the minor maintenance effort.

Conlang communities tend to be very small and they tend to be online. Even a small amount of spam or “just plain mean” messages will destroy a community.

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