Ghostlang: Virginan Algonquian

As is typical with conlangs, the first thing people do is work out a script of their own. To my amazement, there already is a script for reconstructed VA Algonquian, created by Ian Custlow (I believe), who is from the Mattaponni tribe, the genetic and spiritual descendants of the Powatan tribe.

The font comes from here, the same font used in Canada for Algonquian languages there.

Washington Post’s article on reconalonq, where among other things we learn Chesapeake doesn’t mean big-shellfish-bay, it probably just meant big bay.

National Geo’s article on reconalgonq

The two tribes still in VA that are most strongly connected to the original VA Algonquian speakers:

Upper Mattaponi Tribe.

Altogether there are ~15 tribes recognized by the Virginian State. I haven’t worked out all of which are descendants of VA Algonquian speakers.

And even more amazingly, here is a Mattaponi Grammar. I suspect this is based on Rude’s work. Sadly, no contact info.

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