Using Twitter for your favorite conlang

Miniblogging is awesome for any language learning, including constructed languages.  Everyone has time to write a sentence a day, everyone can read a senetence or two.  Effective twittering in foreign language though, (especially a conlang) takes a bit of planning.

Create  new account for your conlang twittering.  Your ordinary friends don’t want to see the noise.

Always tag your tweets with the name of your conlang.  Hopefully you’re conlang’s name can be transliterated into roman letters in less than 140 characters.

Get a muliti-account twitter client. Tweet Deck is suitable.  Keep a search running for the hashtag of your (favorite) conlang’s name.

Set up a twibe…maybe. A twibe is a way of identifying people and tweets that are related to a topic.  You twibe should have the #hashtag and unhashed keyword for search.  If you language has a very common word that appears in most sentences, that might make a good twibe keyword, too. Update. Actually, I have no clue what this twibe thing is for. If I can’t figure it out, I suspect no one else will either. Until I figure out what the heck twibes is for, use regular twitter lists.

Anythime anyone tweets in your (favorite) conlang, mark it as a favorite.  Without favoriting, it is impossible to track down the occassional tweets that get burried in the stream of non-conlang related tweets.  If you have lots of followers and you’ve just read a tweet by a person with few followers, retweet it for them. 

Create twitter lists that list:

  • people that only tweet in your (favorite) conlang
  • people that have tweeted once in your (favorite) conlang.

Use shoutem as a complementary part of your twitter strategy.  Shoutem is a more elegant solution to doing what twitter does for a special interest group, but twitter has more users. If you ignore twitter, a really large numbe of people won’t ever migrate to shoutem.  Shoutem also lacks the incredible number of clients and addon services that have grown up around twitter.  On  the otherhand, shoutem will be 100% in the conlang and have only people interested in the conlang– where as twitter has a filtering problem–many people who don’t care, many messages having nothing to do with your (favorite) conlang.

Sign up for a twitter scheduling service, such as  Presumably you are the conlang creator or it’s biggest fan. You can create contest faster than the world can consume, but likley have weeks were real life interferes and you can’t do any conlanging.  If you use a scheduler, you can keep the conversation boiling while you are away.  Do try to respond in real time.  Subscribe

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