Realistic goals for Conlang learning

I’m reading on how to learn languages. The first item of advice, was to establish some realistic goals, for example, fluent enough for restaurants and shops, fluent enough for a job, fluent enough to have a lofty conversation with college educate folk about history and fine arts. But! Conlangs often have no community, so they’re kind of like dead languages. But a studier of a dead language can usually set a goal of reading the “Book of the Dead” in the original ancient Egyptian, or the like. But! Conlangs generally have no or a very small corpus. And the corpus that exists, often isn’t all that interesting to read. No one is going to be very motivated by the chance to read the lord’s prayer and declaration of human rights, again, in a conlang.

Even if the conlang isn’t an auxlang, if you want to use it as a social skill, you will need to do a bit of recruiting, which entails establishing a presence and being willing and able to teach the language to who ever is interested.

Not Much Work, a short term multi-month project
Read the grammar and browse the lexicon.
Achieve recognition on the lexicon using flash card software. (Most conlangs have fewer than 5000 words)
Write a sentence and do a thorough gloss.
Translate a paragraph into the conlang.
Translate a paragraph from the conlang.
Write an original paragraph in the conlang.
Speak a paragraph and broadcast on YouTube or the audio equivalent.

Some work, medium amount of time, this is one hobby among many
Create suitable accounts on twitter, on the web, on a new or pre-existing forum.
Write a little bit every day or week on twitter, a blog, on forums.
If applicable, create missing learning materials.
If applicable, do a session at a Sci-Fi convention.

Great gobs of time, this project defines you and consumes most of your free time
Establish a local in person study group with social activities.
Create, host, participate in conferences
Publish a books worth of material
Find a girlfriend that buys into the idea of speaking conlangs at home. Raise the kids bilingual. (Unless you chose Klingon, because all news journalists know that raising a Klingon speaking child is child abuse, even worse than raising them bilingual Spanish-English speakers)

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