How to Learn Klingon circa 2011

Klingon has been around for 27 years. By the average age of Klingon fan websites, it appears to have passed it’s peak, i.e. fans aren’t updating their pages much since the days of Geocities, table based layout and the BLINK and MARQUE tags (best viewed in Netscape Navigator!). There are still active conversations going on and in-person events. The estimate is there are 12 fluent speakers worldwide. The language isn’t being taught to children, (except once), and by SLI standards, this language is moribund. On the other hand, it is one of the most successful constructed languages. Success is relative.

Active Forums Forum There must be some trick to getting an account here, I tried and failed.
Twitter Search hashtags #tlhIngan or #tlh

Text and Voice Chat?
TODO: Find link

Less Active
Mailing List
Yahoo Group (pretty quiet, seems related to
KLI wiki – (dead?)

In person
# of people estimates are accurate to the magnitude. There will always be more fans than language learners.
USA qep’a’ (~20 people?)
Canada Meetup / (~2-5 people?)
Germany (~20 people?)

Information Sites
Klingon Academy (Sweden)

Date? Mostly very old
Klingon Language Institute


In Japan (date?)

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2 Responses to How to Learn Klingon circa 2011

  1. loghaD says:

    Also, don’t miss out on

    As I recall it, the admins have to approve your account before you can post on the forum. Hope you manage to get in; it’s a great place to learn.

    Send me a Tweet if it takes a long time, and I can PM one of them.