Notes on vocabulary

Refinements to Gold List Vocab List, Day 4.
The gold list is a pen & paper vocabulary memorization technique. You write a list of words from a dictionary, read them aloud, repeat after an interval, mark off those that you got right. Rewrite the ones you got wrong plus more words in a new list, repeat.

I’m on day four of trying to use the technique. I’m getting about a 50% recall rate after four days. I did review a few times (1 or 2 times) in between. I started with a 40 word list and I’m planning on initiating another 40 word list each day – which will probably work out to a new 40 word list every few days.

#1 You can use meaningful lists, but manually compiling thematically related lists or lists of words from literature you are reading is very slow. I’m not sure the payback in terms of better recall is good enough make it that much better than just picking words you don’t know at random from the dictionary.

#2 You will need some strategy for randomizing the words, unless you don’t mind ending up with a vocabulary of most words beginning with A and B. I write 4 words from A spaces by 10 lines each. Then after those words, I write 4 words from B, 4 words from C and so on. This process is part of the learning, so read the words aloud and be on the look out for charismatic words (i.e. ljosapera = pear light = light bulb, imho is very charismatic)

#3 Write the date of list creation at the top of each list & each time you copy a list. Otherwise you can’t tell how stale it is.

#4 After a suitable interval (day? week?) Copy the words(see #5), cross out words from the old list that you can recognize at sight.

#5 At this point you have the opportunity to do a Iverson method technique, which is to read about 5 or 7 words aloud until you can translate them on sight without checking. Then copy that 5 or 7 words. Repeat for in the opposite direction (i.e. English to Klingon or Klingon to English.

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