Dating is a Conlang Creation Methodology

Dating, especially the sort that allows for finding people with very particular special interests, happens to be relevant to conlanging of the sort where you create a language by actually speaking it at home with kids.

- OKCupid allows for searching members by a huge list of languages, including esperantists and an Esperanto test .
- There are a few okcupid profiles written in conlangs, one fake one in toki pona– I didn’t check but wouldn’t be surprised if there is an Esperanto one somewhere.
- If you search the OKCupid profile text, you can find some conlangs names, mostly guy’s profiles. A good proxy for willingness to learn learn a conlang, search for people who mention studying languages, especially small or dead ones, like Icelandic (the small one) or Latin.
-And there is/was an Esperanto dating website [nb, I can't find the link]. The international peace part is sort of a pretense, a cover story. Esperanto is about picking up chicks and finding boyfriends.
- There are/have been in the last 100 years in the public record, native, at-home speakers of Living Latin, Klingon, Esperanto, Volapuk and probably more but I haven’t come across their story. (Living Latin is ancient Latin spoken by modern people as a part of daily life, as opposed to just read or recited– there is also a living Sanskrit, Modern Hebrew and Modern Cornish also fall in this category.)
- Native speakers of a conlang means a conlanger got a date and not only scored, but their spouse didn’t mind teaching the kids a conlang (or a language dead for some other reason).

[n.b. to significant other, gee, I forgot to publish this. I'm off the dating market now.]

Anyhow, I was going to be comprehensive set of posts about explaining how to create new language by first finding a girlfriend, having a child, how to pick a child friendly lexicon, how to model syntax, etc. Stay tuned for the next chapter on how to make the baby!

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3 Responses to Dating is a Conlang Creation Methodology

  1. Bill Chapman says:

    I don’t know much about dating – being a married man, buit I do know that esperanto has brought many couples together. There is an Esperanto saying “Esperanto – Edzperanto” which is not easy to translate neatly but means “Esperanto – supplier of partners”

    On the website you can see and read about the marriage of a Polish woman to a Brazilian man.

    The play on words “Esperanto – Edzperanto was invented by Frenchman Raymond Schwartz in 1923 and rapidly became part of the language. There’s a comment on this phenomenon in English on page 342 of Peter G. Forster’s “The Esperanto Movement, and personal blog here:

  2. How can I find or connect up with people that want to write to one another in the Latin language?
    I want to spruce up my gymnasium Latin skills Please help to search it! Dr. F.

  3. Mia Soderquist says:

    Jeff Burke and I found each other through conlanging. Now all we need is the baby… I guess we could practice the conlangulation on my 7-year-old in the meantime.