30DayConglang – Day 1

I spent the day reading about monkeys because I was too tired to do much else. Since I said I was going to do some conlanging everyday, so here I am. Despite being lazy, I’m like two weeks ahead of where I was last year because I have a suitable word generator going already.

Okay, as planned, the language will a subset of US English phonotactics. The root words will be machine generated.

Ideas I’m kicking around for some guiding principles
- It will be apriori, except the phonotactics
- It will be small and most bound and unbound morpheme categories will be closed
- This could be the language for hunter and gathers stuck on a multigeneration spaceship (there are several novels and movies on the theme)
- OR this could be another Arlington, VA “home-lang”
- This can’t be a catlang. The catlang will have to wait for another year.
- This could use a data structure other than trees, like maybe unordered sets. Think non-configurational.

Paste the following into Wordo to see some samples. At the moment diplongs and consonant clusters are generated too frequently. I used wikipedia’s list of valid onsets, vowels and codas. Currently, its showing IPA, but I’ll pick practical orthography soon.

StartingRule word 500

Tokens Onsets m n ŋ p b t d k ɡ tʃ dʒ f v θ ð s z ʃ ʒ  h ɹ j w l pl bl kl ɡl pr br tr dr kr ɡr tw dw ɡw kw pw fl sl θl fr θr ʃr hw sw θw vw pj bj tj dj kj ɡj mj nj fj vj θj sj zj hj lj sp st sk sm sn sf sθ spl skl spr str skr skw smj spj stj skj sfr

Tokens Vowels a e i o u oʊ aʊ aɪ eɪ ɔɪ  ɪɚ ɛɚ
Tokens Codas m n ŋ p b t d k ɡ tʃ dʒ f v θ ð s z ʃ ʒ h ɹ j w l lp lb lt ld ltʃ dʒ lk rp rb rt rd rtʃ rdʒ rk rɡ lf lv lθ ls lʃ rf rv rθ rs rz rʃ lm ln rm rn rl mp nt nd ntʃ ndʒ ŋk mf mθ nθ ns nz ŋθ ft sp st sk fθ pt kt pθ ps tθ ts dθ dz ks lpt lfθ ts lst lkt lks rmθ rpt rps rts rst rkt mpt mps ndθ ŋkt ŋks ŋkθ ksθ kst

Rule word {
  Token Onsets
  Token Vowels
  Loop 75[1] 25[0] {
      Token Codas
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