Gloss equivallency

I may have invented a concept. Well, it’s new to me. It’s similar to the idea of a relex, which is whole sale replacement of all morphemes in a language with new ones, but otherwise leaving it the same. What if someone created a language and it wasn’t a relex per se, but the glosses were the same? What if the gloss were the same except for the ordering of phrases, especially if the word/phrase order has no particular impact on meaning? For example

L1: blah blip-it bloop-ir.
L2: hma hmug-a srrp-ah.

L1: 1S see-Pres cat-Acc
L2: 1S see-Pres cat-Acc
I see cats

Euroclones are probably gloss equivalent. A euroclone adds suffixes to words, draws on the same pool of pronouns, the same pool of grammatical structures. The idea of gloss equillence lets you decide if among a set of design options, if maybe you aren’t just comparing apples to apples.

Word Order
Let’s image the following now. The word order of L1 is now OVS

L1: bloop-ir blah blip-it.
L2: hma hmug-a srrp-ah.

L1: cat-Acc 1S see-Pres
L2: 1S see-Pres cat-Acc

I would expect that in a language like the above, that OVS and SVO would both be valid, since O V and S are all marked regardless to word order. So word order isn’t affecting the gloss that much. If hypothetically fronting meant the front is the topic, then the gloss would be different

L1: cat-Acc-Top 1S see-Pres
Now, the pairs of languages are “mostly” equivalent.

Now an example that is not gloss equivalent, although the root words are mostly the same.

L1: bloop-ir blah-nit blip-it.
head-1S-Poss See-Real cat-Anim.
My head (really, not the hypothetical future or hearsay past) sees a (living) cat.
I see a cat.

Learn to gloss English (or your mother tongues). Gloss your example text. Gloss your conlang text. Compare the glosses and see how much they match.

A Metric
You should be able to count morphemes that match in each, regardless to order and get a percent of morphemes and mechanisms that match up. Matches by word order is more difficult to meausure, you’ll have to eyeball it.

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