Forums are cheap, I think I will put one up- Learn Any New Language

English has a lexical gap for a word that covers languages from Esperanto to Klingon to Elvish to Lojban and the numerous others, I’m going to provisionally use “new language”. The word “conlang” more and more seems to mean just artlang for enough people that to use it is to cause confusion, and there are already forums for that. Speaking of forums there internet has a forum gap– no place to discuss the learning of “new languages” in the sense of languages that are new to the world and language in the sense of a communication system used by more than one person to convey ideas. (See this video on the 6 meanings of what language is“)

There is a How-To-Learn-Any-Language where people compare notes on how they acquire languages in general– comparisons of flash card software, dictionary copying, “shadowing” (where you repeat the foreign dialog as you hear it), one-parent-one-language, etc. Sometimes people discuss learning Esperanto or other non-natural languages there, but the real focus is how to learn a language with a living community. New languages don’t have a living community and learners of natural languages don’t have to decide how to deal with creators, fans who decide to extend or branch the language, nor law, etc

I plan to avoid the problem of too many subforums, but here are some possible subforums I might include:

Have a Language-Need a Language
Promotion and search would go here as a way to match language designers with people who study new languages recreationally or for some purpose. Yes, there will be auxlang promotion here, but with the magic of moderation, it won’t devolve into my auxlang is better than your auxlang.

Fan-to-fan language promotion would go here.

Designing for Usability- Engineering a New Language
Problem solving for new language creators who want to keep usability in mind, but hopefully without dwelling too much on issues tangential– such as the politics of choosing loan words.

And problem solving for how to just design a language to it’s “end”– as getting a language done is chore and incomplete* languages are not usable. *incomplete in the sense of “remnant languages” where there is so little to them that you can’t really say much in them or about them.

Techniques for Learning
Problem solving for the real world issues involved with using new languages– such as deceased designers, description and lexical gaps, a need to rely on books and text to learn instead of audio and people (at least for early adopters)

Governance and Designer-User Relations in General.
A place to post questions about licensing, copyright, real world language academies, how designers can react to people making derivatives or suprising uses of the artifacts of new language creation.

Dealing with the Empty new Forum Syndrome
Anything new that intends to get users needs to have a reason for use immediately. A forum can’t sell itself on it’s promise of great content as it gains new users, it needs to have content from the start. So I figure I can post what would have been blog content to the forum instead.

The audience is primarily “people who learn languages.”

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