Day of of the 30 Day Conlang

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I have my first 800 root words generated using WordGenerator. I had to compile the latest from source to get it working (or maybe that was unreleated to my problem with my script.). See end of post for the script I’m using to generate Icelandic sounding words.

I figure I will discard about 300 words on account of dupes, minimal pairs or being to hard to pronounce. End of word rhymes will depend on suffixes, so I don’t need to have minimal pairs in the root words to allow for poetry.

I was going to use the icelandic aspell files, but I couldn’t unzip the darn things. They use a custom compression format. Instead I used wikipedia and an online newspaper to see if I had reasonably good coverage of legal onsets and codas. Icelandic is like this:

(VC) + (C)(CVC)(C)(C) + suffixes & inflections
The prefix thing is usually VC, like a preposition, af, or um
Only some consonant clusters are allowed. I didn’t figure out which kind, so I just treated them as if they were digraphs and trigraphs.

My derivational morphology will use both prefixes and suffixes. Prefixes will be VC + vowel stem or VCV + consonant stem. Suffixes are going to be VC + VC + … + VC.

I’ve downloaded Lexique Pro, hopefully it will be quick to use.

Root word generator script so far

Tokens Prevowels a á e é i í o ó u ú y ý æ ö au ei ey ja je jo ju
Tokens Onsets 15 [b d f g h j k l m n p r s t v] 4 [þ ð]
Tokens OnsetsClusters hl hr hv hn sl sk spr sp st sv fl fr br bl gr tv pr þr dr kr
Tokens Vowels 8 [æ au ei ey] 5[ja jo ju á é] 8 [a e i o u] í ö ó  ú y ý
Tokens CodasSingles 25 [b d ð f g j k l m n p r s t þ v] 2 x
Tokens CodasDigraphs 3[ll] kk nn pp rl rp rn sl sn st tt ng nk nt nd st tl lk rk þr lt lp ld 3[rð] pr gn
Tokens CodasTrigraphs fnd fnt ggj

StartingRule noun

Rule noun {
      Rule Syllable
     translate {
      jj => j

Rule Syllable {
   Loop 2[1] 8[0] {
      Token Prevowels
    Loop 4[1] {
   Random {
      10 Token Onsets
       8 Token OnsetsClusters
    Token Vowels
   Loop 1[1] {
   Random {
   10 Token CodasSingles
   15 Token CodasDigraphs
   2 Token CodasTrigraphs
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  1. Very good blog, very useful ideas for a conlanger! Thank you for posting it!