Undeveloped Public Domain Conlangs

Barsoomian is public domain, unless it is the most recent movie version.

But here is one that I just notice: Parrot from Doctor Dolittle:

“Ka-ka-oi-ee, fee-fee”
“Is the porridge hot yet?”

Oh, boy. How shall we do an interlinear gloss for that?

I’m going to guess ka-ka-oi-ee is a compound word meaning porridge and fee-fee means ‘now’ and reduplication means a tag question. Since reduplication indicates something you don’t know, then ka-ka would be “mystery” as in mystery-meat. So “mystery-food, now-now?”

And the dog speaks a constructed sign language.

And I’m going to guess that after page two the author lost interested in actually describing the fake languages. A pity.

But hey! It’s public domain. You are allowed to fully develop the language and sell it. Go forth and do so!

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