Observations While Editing Toki Pona

1) People create incorrect proper modifiers constantly.
2) People give up trying to use proper modifiers and just use their native language for all proper modifiers.
3) li get dropped for 3rd person subjects.
4) People essentially invent new constructions all the time. (It’s easier to enforce a ban on new words than it is to enforce a ban on new grammatical constructuions)
5) The complexities of parsing punctuation, ellipsis, fragments, asides/parentheticals, diglossia, direct speech, numbers, “theater script text, e.g. person1: “…” person2:”…” can be as great as the complexities of the core grammar (sentence, subject, object, modifier, etc) When there is no guidance, people just make stuff up.
6) People will do diglossia and mix in dates, times, numbers from a foreign language when the language spec doesn’t include them (or discourages using them!)
7) No one wants to punctuate poetry, which makes finding sentence termination incredibly difficult.

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