Enumerating all sentences

So I had an idea based on a few other ideas.

What sort of mantra is worth reciting?
The number pi has nonrepeating digits. If you looked long enough, then eventually you wound find the digits that encode your name in ascii. You would also find the digits that encode your picture in a JPG, a GIF and an PNG file. You would also find the string of pi digits that encode all movies ever made, and in all formats, both encrypted and decrypted and so on.
There is a way to enumerate all rational numbers.

So, I’m thinking about how would one create an enumeration of all possible toki pona sentences, excluding the uninteresting ones with infinite repeating sections. That enumeration of all sentences would contain the biographies of everyone you know, and the answer to all the questions you ever had. It also would include lies and slander, but also mostly gibberish.

So let’s start enumerating!

Word li Word. There are 125*125 of these.
W li W [Prep W]. There are 125*125*6*125 of these. At 2 seconds per sentence, it would take a bit under a year to chant all these.


Sentences can be simple or compound, S, or S la S.
Sentences must contain a subject, a verb phrase, optionally some direct objects and optionally up to six different prepositional phrases.
Phrases can optionally have modifiers or pi chains.

So the whole of toki pona could be a chain of decisions starting with S, and running until the maximum phrase size is reached. Enumerating systematically would result in a lot of similar sentences. (ni li a. ni li pona. ni li soweli. ad nauseum) Enumerating them stochastically would be more interesting to read. Now if we could map digits of pi to the choices in building up a sentence (i.e. compound or not, transitive or not, with prep phrase or not), then we could get a list of sentences that would eventually cover all possible toki pona sentences.

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