Why it’d be cool to be able to search for Esperantists on AirBnB

Esperanto is an invented language that is popular with people who enjoy learning languages and travel. It’s so successful that there are 2nd and 3rd generation speakers.

Passport Service (Passporta Servo) is a pre-internet bed and breakfast service aimed at Esperantists. It matched up people willing to host other Esperantists as a gesture of international goodwill and as an opportunity to use Esperanto. Passport Service still exists.

AirBnB in terms of scale now dwarfs pre-internet services like Passport Service, nobody involved in Bed & Breakfasts in any sort can ignore the arrival of AirBnB. Even hotels can’t ignore AirBnB. I’ve used AirBnB a few times & noticed you can filter hosts by what language they speak. (I will admit, sometimes it doesn’t matter what language they speak, I’ve done AirBnB where I never met the host because it wasn’t an Bed and Breakfast as much as a small scale hotel in the form of several homes)

As a guest, I would go out of my way to find hosts that speak Esperanto & odds are they would be interested in chatting in Esperanto.

As a host, I probably would continue to use Passport Service, especially if I only was interested in hosting other Esperantists. AirBnB isn’t set up to let hosts be that picky about who is a guest.

Anyhow, I know that Esperanto is a rare language, but it is a rare language popular among the sort of people that would use AirBnB.

I would’t recommend Klingon tho, the Klingons track blood all over the place when the visit.

Seriously. Please add Esperanto to the list of host languages, it will create value.

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