Resuming work- Day 13

I spent some time working on my website that has a bunch of conlang relevant tools, such a counter, cuss word generator and community pages.

I’ve selected 496 meanings. Can’t remember if I said it before, but I’m definitely not trying to work out what are the atomic characteristics of all reality. A small number of cool words, plus the machinery to transform these into other things is enough.

I’m reading up on Pinker’s “The Language of Thought”, especially about how people try to be vague so as to allow for the possibility of misunderstanding in areas where speech is risky, such as making requests of people. So I think all the sentences by default will be some sort of irrealis and you will have to add a particle to indicate indicativeness.

I whacked at MS-Access until it created a two column table with numbers from 1-547 and a second column with the same numbers, in random order. This links my generated words with my hand picked meanings. So the meanings are randomly distributed. If I tried to fill in my dictionary by working straight down the page, all the numbers would start with a, all the house hold items would start with b, and so on.

I was going to have lexically different words for guys and girls to use, but there just isn’t enough space. I probably will move this idea to the derivational prefixes/suffixes

The word generation was engineered. The meanings lists, is mostly personal artistic decisions– certainly not engineered like John Wilkin’s list of atomic meanings. I chose themes and hot words from a few of my favorite subjects, Buddhism, Norse mythology, the urban landscape, linguistics.

I plan next to switch to a more organic way of filling in meanings. I have space for about 100 more primary meanings, and then another 500 meanings by homonym. I may use that space in the lexicon for all the taboo words. I haven’t decide. I have decided though, that if a taboo meaning and a ordinary meaning share the same space, they will not be the same POS. For example, hear and here aren’t ever confused, but gay (happy) and gay (sexual orientation) for a while could have been confused until the non-taboo meaning began to disappear (Pinker noted this as well). I think the reason is because both are adjectives.

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