Creative Commons non-ND content for corpus building

If nothing exciting was written in Greek or Latin, neither would have become very popular second languages in medieval Europe. A good way to kick start your language is to translate good material into your conlang. Public domain is a good place to start, but the content in public domain isn’t always the most interesting: VOA news articles, some government documents, really old novels.

Creative commons texts are another good source, but only if they are not ND (no-derivatives).

“In general, a translation from one language to another or a film version of a book are examples of derivative works.” CC Faq

Translations are derivatives. You can translate and republish ND content if you get the specific permission from the original author.

Some authors, such as Cory Doctorow allows non-commericial fan translations of his works.
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
Little Brother
For the Win
And others…

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